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Trusted Advisors

Who are Trusted Advisors

Symantec Trusted Advisors are technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the Symantec Connect Community by answering questions in our product forums, posting information articles, and more. They are some of the most influential community participants. This group is made up of customers, partners, and individual consultants. They have a deep knowledge of Symantec products and services, and also bring together diverse platforms, products and solutions, to solve real world problems.

Trusted Advisors are driven by their passion, community spirit, and their quest for knowledge. They are always willing to help others – that is what sets them apart and why they are so important to Symantec!

How to become a Trusted Advisor?

Connect members who distinguish themselves with their active participation in the forums, and their generous spirit in how they share information, are invited to become a Trusted Advisor. They help people overcome problems by sharing positive examples from their expert experience in their field and environment. They represent the Symantec Connect Community and conduct themselves accordingly. Whether as a top contributor in the forums, have a talent for writing articles, or have a totally different and cool way to share their passion for Symantec products and services, there is more than one way to add value as a Trusted Advisor!

Get to know the Symantec Trusted Advisors

Alex Hedley - Connect username: AlexHedley
Location: Newcastle, United Kingdom
Employer: Protirus UK Ltd
Role: Senior Software Developer

Product specialty: Symantec APIs across the product stack.
Linked In:

Sally5432 - Connect username: Sally5432
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Sally5432 manages approximately 1700 PCs via CMS. She's happy to see the work that’s gone into the Software Portal lately. She likes that CMS "just works" with minimal upkeep. She does wish the CMS/ITMS community was more active both in the forums and at local meetups.

Andy Knowles - Connect username: andykn101
Location: London, United Kingdom
Role: Infrastructure Engineer
Product specialty: Endpoint Management (Altiris and Ghost Solution Suite)

Andy started in IT as a hardware engineer in 1997 with Digital (later Compaq then HP). He moved into Microsoft Consultancy and started using Altiris to perform OS rollouts. Since then he has pretty much worked exclusively with the Altiris product set, both as a Consultant implementing systems and as an Administrator, the last 13 years as an independent consultant and now a Symantec Delivery Partner.

George Georgiou - Connect username: Geo Geo
Location: Warrington, United Kingdom
Product Specialty: Symantec Product Expertise: SEP, DCS, CSP, PGP Role: Senior Security Operations Specialist for Fujitsu

George has been working with Symantec and SEP for 8 years -- since SEP 11 RU4

Ian Atkin - Connect username: ianatkin
University of Oxford
Location: Worcester, United Kingdom
Product specialty: IT Management Suite, Ghost Solution Suite

Ian is an Infrastructure Manager in the Endpoint Device Management team at Oxford University. He manages the team's server infrastructure and adds IT Fairy Dust (TM) as needed to extra value to the Universities IT implementations. Ian tries to understand each product he works with as much as he can -- this helps the fairy dust bind.

Jason Iloff - Connect username: JasonI
Location: Sterling Heights, Michigan, US
Product speciality: ITMS, SEP, ATP, DLP

Jason is a Senior Platform Engineer supporting multiple customers across the globe. He provides comprehensive technical advice in the architecture of Symantec products for multi-tenant services and customer based environments. He works closely with customers and CyFIR staff.

Justin Gabrius - Connect username: HighTower
Location: Antioch, IL, US
Role Security Engineer
Industry: Healthcare
Product specialty: SEP, SEE, DLP, Altiris, Email Security

Justin is a Senior Security Engineer for a regional hospital system based in the suburbs of Milwaukee, WI. He’s primarily responsible for all things Security at ProHealth including systems management, vulnerability assessments, incident response, and new technology assessment.

Mithun Sanghavi - Connect username: Mithun Sanghavi
Location: Pune, India
Employer: Wipro Technologies India (Partner) - 170,000 employees.
Role: Project Manager, Global Security Operations
Product specialty: Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP), Symantec Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Data Center Security (DCS), Symantec Mail Security for Exchange (SMSE), Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Symantec Encryption (SE).

Mithun is a former-Symantec employee with more than 15 years of experience with Symantec products. He been associated with Symantec Forums for 13 years has been a Trusted Advisor for six years.


Ronak Patel - Connect username: DLP Solutions2
Location: San Francisco, CA
Product specialty: DLP and Data Insight

Ronak is a SME in the sales, deployment strategy and implementation when it comes to Data Loos Prevention (DLP) and Data Insight. He provides comprehensive sales and technical advice in the design, use, and implementation of Symantec’s Data Loss Prevention in addition to Veritas’s Data Insight. He has implemented some of the largest DLP and Data Insight implementation around the globe for some if not all of the top companies in each business verticals (Banks, Credit Card, and Health Care).

Sam Pace - Connect username: Sam Pace
Location: Newcastle, United Kingdom
Employer: Protirus UK Ltd
Role: Senior Technical Consultant
Product specialty: DLP, Data Insight, WSS, DCS:SA, CWP, ITMS, Workflow

Sam is a Senior Technical Consultant at Protirus UK Ltd, a Global Symantec Deployment Partner that specialises in the design and implementation of the entire Symantec product set. Sam is a specialist in multiple Symantec products, however mostly focuses on DLP, Data Insight, WSS and ITMS, and has a wealth of experience working with a number of Symantec’s largest customers, covering industries such as Banking, Insurance, Education and Energy.


Stephane Fitchet - Connect username: stephane.fichet
Location: Singapore
Product specialty: DLP

Stephane is in charge of many different project around data protection. His daily activities lead him to work with all the actors of his company from the technical teams to the senior management. Stephane likes to design DLP policies and create some add-ons in order to add some useful functionalities to DLP like exception management, automatic risk score computation, multi-tenant solution, automatization of recurring tasks....

SMLatCST - Connect username: SMLatCST
Location: London, United Kingdom
Employer: Computer Security Technology
Product specialty: EDR:E/N/Endpoint, SMG, SMSMSE, SEE, SED, SEMS, CCS, DCS:S, DCS:SA, SES:CSP, .Cloud

SMLatCST has been with CSTL (an independent Security Specialist, currently celebrating its 20th anniversary) since 2009. As a security specialist company, he has been exposed to a variety of products since joining, and has a broad range of skills. SMLatCST started helping out on the forums as a means of furthering his knowledge in products, and in order to then improve the services CST offers its customers. As far as strengths go, he says he sleeps a lot.

Tony Sutton - Connect username: Tony Sutton
Location: Norfolk, England
Role: Infrastructure Engineer
Product specialty: Endpoint Protection v14
Industry: Education (14k-16k users)

Tony has been working with SAV (now known as Endpoint Protection) since 2004. He currently uses v14 with a view to migrate to v15 in the future. Tony works in Education and deploys, supports and manages SEP across a range of schools and colleges.